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Wested TOD Indy jacket

So with advice from some of the most knowledgable guys I've talked to I ended up getting a raiders cut in goatskin.

My chest is a 42
Arm length 25
Height 5'11-6'0 generously

I have a decently muscular upper body and I'm wondering what I should do here. I want the tightest slimmest Jacket possible. I was told by one member That the TOD actually has a lot of room despite is slim tailored cut. So the question remains, do I go to a 40 with arm length at maybe 23 inches? M

I should say I want the sleeve to hit right at my wrist, I don't want it touching my hand at all. I was told the raiders in goat skin OTR would be what im looking for. It'll be here Wednesday this week. I'm ancy to order the TOD though.

Any pictures or testimonials would be greatly appreciated! Some of you have already been very gracious .
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