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Haven't posted in quite a while, but I do check in here every now and then. And this news was definitely worth posting about. Great to finally have official confirmation from Disney that Indiana Jones 5 is being made and that Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are all involved.
I will definitely be excited to see a new Indiana Jones movie in 2019! I am probably one of the few Indy fans that genuinely enjoys all the movies (and the TV series and most of the spinoff books, comics, and video games too, for that matter. Even on the ones I don't like much, I can find a few things to appreciate.)
Speaking of books, on a slightly off-topic matter, it would be great if the hype sure to come with a new movie would inspire some good merchandise, like say the Indiana Jones video game that was originally being worked on in lieu of "Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings"- and the novelization of that video game.
Back on topic- I do feel like this should probably be the last Indy movie, as I can't honestly see Harrison Ford making many more action movies like this. Of course, as long as he's up for it and they can do it justice, I'll be willing to watch it. I think I'd prefer for them to do Indy 5 and be done though- but I doubt Disney will let that happen. (If only more movies could take cues from the "Back to the Future" franchise and just leave a good thing well enough alone.) Don't get me wrong though; I thoroughly enjoyed "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and I am very excited for a fifth movie! I just think that logistically, it should be the last one. (Because I don't particularly want to see Indiana Jones movies not starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I'm not really interested in seeing Young Indy movies...but I'll cross that bridge when they get to that point.)
Anyway- YAY for this exciting news! I hope they get a good story with an epic adventure and a thrilling quest- preferably for something not already covered in the comics and books.... (I like to maintain continuity if possible, though some of it's already kinda shaky when it comes to Indiana Jones. If Disney does what it did to Star Wars with Episode VII as far as throwing out the Expanded Universe continuity- then I'd be upset...George Lucas was generally good about keeping his various universes within continuity, something I always appreciate.
Well, I look forward to hearing some more good news about this venture soon.
And I really hope Marion and Sallah both appear- a cameo from Short Round would be awesome as well. And maybe they can talk Sean Connery into an appearance as a flashback scene or never know.
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