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Obviously, it will be interesting to see what direction they take.

If we look at Indy history, the only other time an Indy movie was met with some criticism was Temple of Doom, and the Big 3 changed directions to mimic Raiders.

I would be shocked if they didn't follow the same route this time, based on the underwhelming response to Skull. Of course, we can look to Star Wars to see where Indy 5 might be headed as well. Ep 7 threw out the prequels and gave people fans what they wanted, which was the original trilogy. This supports the idea we are getting a film in the same vain as Raiders (and/or Temple or Crusade) as well. Does this mean a return of Sallah? Short Round? Connery cameo? (he really needs a good bye role- League of Extraordinary Gentleman isn't exactly fitting)

Possible Long Shot: Disney gives Indy fans a big kiss in the form of Fate of Atlantis?

Hopefully, in the end, the course correction involves the following the things:

A: Practical Effects
B: Greater Scope with more on location shooting.
C: Darker Tone (Doesn't mean it has to be "DARK" but a bigger sense of danger would be great.
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