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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
I could see him as a credible choice, though he is already 35; if we figure the earliest point at which a reboot of some kind might be filmed is 2021, he'd be 40.

Perfect! Harrison turned 40 during filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Originally Posted by Indy86
Apparently the guy I figured for the part has been mentioned here earlier but I saw Anthony Ingruber's imitation of both Joneses from Last Crusade. Seriously when he smiled, he is Harrison Ford that it's creepy. And another one I liked was also mentioned here I think. Bradley Cooper. I can live with him if it means that it can keep Chris Pratt away. Because I blame him for the failure of Jurassic World amongst others when it comes to a reboot.

Out of the entire Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World is the second highest rated by critics and fans and made way more money than any installment in the series. If somebody could do to Indiana Jones what Pratt did for Jurassic World, we would be in for a real treat.
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