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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
Anybody own a downtowner so they can comment on its pluses/minuses? I'm thinking about getting one. Pics would be appreciated.
hi i have a downtowner and i have pics , but my downtowner was one of the first ones made by my height of the crown was a bit taller than what it is now. todd also told me that they have fixed the height of the downtowner to match that of their uptowner which i also have ( i will post pics of both hats) so if you decide on the downtowner you will be quite pleased with it i'm sure.
the downtowner----- is stiff like the dorfman hat but has the brim that looks like the style from the film and the hat is very streets of cairo looking.
in this pic the downtowner is set next to my dorfman --so you can see the difference of the height of the hat

in these two next pics , they showcase the uptowner(on the left) and the downtowner (on the right) as you can see the the uptowner is shorter in the crown of the downtowner , but mind you they have corrected the size of the crown of the downtowner to match with the uptowner now.
the downtowner being much stiffer holds it shape when placed on a hard surface.

so i hope this helps in your decision on buying a downtowner i wear mine just bout every other day ( i switch off between my up and downtowners)they are both great hats and great affordable prices !
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