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Originally Posted by Yure
on the other hand, Nazis have been greatly exploited, unless they go after some mad Hitler resurrecting plan in a secret Nazi base in Antartica

Forget the exploitation of the Nazi's. I wouldn't mind seeing them again in Indy V, even if the time period is set between 1959-1962. I'd like to see Indy go to Argentina for an expedition only to stumble upon a plot involving former Nazi's previously aided from Odessa. Toht's brother being among them, of course. Indy could initially struggle with local adversaries(similar to The Hovitos in Raiders or The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword in Last Crusade) before, once again, encountering his true enemy, the former Nazi's. It really wouldn't bother me a bit. Far fetched? Maybe. Promising? Who knows. Entertaining if done the right way? Certainly.

Note: The Nazi character concept could come from something like...

or, perhaps, maybe this for a henchman concept...

or, a female henchman concept for Spalko droolers...(remove the 30's cut to a 60's cut maybe)

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