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Originally Posted by Joe Brody
Saw the trailer and think that between Last Jedi and Solo, the franchise is in real trouble. Young Lando looks very cool though, and I have great respect for Woody Harrelson.
I loved the Last Jedi as did most fans over at the message boards! the loud minority did not like TLJ but most did like it! Its going to be 6th and 8th on all time and Domestic and Worldwide box office that aint to shabby not everything can drag in Avatar and Titanic money. Again everyone over at the message boards loves the solo Trailer including me! Its a Western and It has a space Kraken what's not to like!

oh and Lawrence Kasdan and his son wrote the script. IMHO Empire Strikes Back and Raiders Of The Lost Ark are the two best films in the History of Hollywood Lawrence Kasdan wrote both Empire and Raiders scripts the man Is a god for that alone! and I loved TFA Kasdan co wrote TFA!
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