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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur

After some 90-years scholars* at The University of Chicago's Oriental Institute have finally completed work on the Assyrian dictionary.

* - The dictionary was actually completed in 2010, but I was just recently reminded of its existence.

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Project

Got two grand? If so, you can purchase it directly from the Institute. The set is comprised of 21-volumes, but if you're not quite as well heeled, it can also be downloaded gratis from the Institute as well.

At any rate it should make all of your fanfiction that much more exciting!

That sounds very similar to the story behind the compilation of the 1st edition Oxford English Dictionary. About 70 years to compile from a broad range of contributors, scholars to inmates.

I bought a set of the OED years back. It cost $2000 then, greatly reduced.

Thanks for posting this, Le Sab.
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