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There is perhaps no greater feud between former friends than that of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke. Following their expedition to Kenya's Great Lakes and the hope of finding the source of the Nile, the two men parted ways under less than amicable terms.

He would write about these issues in his What Led to the Discovery of the Source of the Nile, but following Speke's death in 1864 his family opted to suppress the final eight pages.

Originally Posted by Alison Flood
Where all other copies of the book conclude with “The End”, the suppressed version continues: “In a few words more I shall briefly describe how the expedition came out of Africa, and what became of the men who brought us safely to the end of our journey.” Speke goes into further detail about how he felt the porters ought to be paid, but says that Burton “wanted their protection, but did not want to pay them, so he took them at their word, made use of them all the way down to the coast, but neither paid them nor their master”.

Originally Posted by Alisom Flood
“Until this time, only about 20 people have had access to this text,” said Mark James at Bernard Quaritch. “For 150 years, nobody had publicly commented on the existence of these eight pages. Members of the family kept them very much to themselves, and it’s not impossible they destroyed one or two of them. But with the death of that generation, most of whom were gone by the 1920s, it really fell off the radar.”

Full article: Suppressed story of Richard Burton's rival explorer surfaces
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