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Originally Posted by Duaner
I don't disagree. Like you said though KOTCS kind of approached the casting differently. Everyone in the cast was a recognizable face. If that is the same approach we are taking for Indy 5, I would prefer that they fill the roles with guys that can actually act - like my suggestions.

There are degrees of recognizability, I think; a gap between "hey, it's that guy!" and "hey, it's [insert star's name here]." I knew who Winstone, Broadbent, and Hurt* were, but I don't think I'd seen either of them in anything in '08. Allen's far from recognizable in the 21st century. And Igor Jijikine is largely unknown still.

* Took me looking at IMDB to even remember John Hurt was in this thing. And I'd seen The Elephant Man, but didn't recognize him from that, naturally.

Besides, I'm not advocating a whole bunch of unknowns. Just people who are less known, and who aren't headlining films.

Originally Posted by Duaner
I don't quite consider any of them leads, except for Tom Hardy. I forgot about Mad Max when I suggested him (probably because I am in the minority of people who thought that movie was pure garbage) - but remembering that, I withdraw his name from the suggestions. Oscar Isaac is only a leading man in small films and is just now taking on the supporting roles in big franchises (barely recognizable in X-Men: Apocalypse I will add). Cumberbatch and Fassbender don't really carry movies on their own either, but yes they have become very recognizable. I suggest them though because they can really pull off the villain thing convincingly. Simon Pegg is suggested because he sort of gives off that Marcus Brody-type vibe. By the way, even though he was in The Force Awakens, if they had not told anyone it was him, no one would have known.

Cumberbatch has starred as Doctor Strange, Alan Turing, and Sherlock Holmes in major projects. Hardy was the lead in Locke and Bronson and had major supporting roles in 2 huge Chris Nolan projects in which everyone listed on the top of the poster is a star; plus Mad Max. Fassbender is launching his own possible series in December's Assassin's Creed, was the lead in Shame and Hunger, played Steve Jobs in a major motion picture, and has major roles in the Alien and X-Men series. And Oscar Isaac, who is, I concede, the most borderline case, still has his young Pacino routine in A Most Violent Year, his Harrison Ford replacement bit in The Force Awakens, and the lead in a big Coen Bros. picture, plus his big antagonist part in the significant gif producer Ex Machina. Heck, even Pegg has starred in arguably the best action comedies of this century.

Originally Posted by Duaner
Either way, I agree that you don't want an A-list star-studded cast, but a recognizable face here and there mixed with some unknowns/newcomers is not a bad thing.

And we're pretty close on this point. Those you've mentioned just seem like easy picks off of the tree to me.
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