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You guys all bring up good points!

I personally think it has the potential to do even bigger numbers then KOTCS, but the storyline, marketing, and cast will be the deciding factor! If it looks too much like National Treasure 3 it will do modest to good numbers, but if they can bring in some serious big names, a great new villain, a slightly more serious tone, and market the hell out of it, it could surpass KOTCS! I agree the marketing was very odd on KOTCS, and the long wait for even a teaser trailer delayed optimum time for building up even more anticipation for Indy's big comeback!

What Indy V has working for it is the new generation of fans, which will be a huge demographic needed for its success. So you better believe LaBeouf will be back, since he was and is the link for a lot of the younger crowd!

What Indy V has working against it, is the fact that KOTCS was a hit, but not an event like The Dark Knight was! People obviously enjoyed it, the numbers don't lie, but it didn't really break any ground or create the fever that TDK did. For Indy V to be even more successful at the B.O. then KOTCS, it is going to need to wow audiences and create an amazing word of mouth. In my opinion if it does anything less it will still pull good numbers, but not nearly in the league of KOTCS or TDK!
  • Fantastic Marketing/Great Storyline/Dynamic Villain/Excellent Word of Mouth
    $325-350 million Domestic $800-900 million Worldwide

  • So-So Marketing/Okay Storyline/Mediocre Villain/So-So Word of Mouth
    $230-260 million Domestic $600-700 million Worldwide
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