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Originally Posted by James
What you're suggesting is that KOTCS needed to be the "next big thing". But no one really expected that to happen. For that matter, no one expected it to happen with TDK, either.

This was "part four" of a 30-year-old series. Even Spielberg said, going in, that he wasn't attempting to surpass modern action films. The goal was to match the old-fashioned vibe of the previous three, while still being able to compete- commercially- at a 2008 level.

Indy 5 would likely be the same way, and be met with the same reception- give or take a bit.
Well maybe not the "next big thing" but a film with greater word-of-mouth, and a better marketing campaign to create that event feel! It's true it wasn't meant to go in a drastically different direction then the original films, but the feeling of it being a must-see film was never there! Maybe at first in the opening week or two, but for me personally it wasn't like my reaction or what I experienced of others reactions to The Dark Knight! That was up there with The Blair Witch Project and Titanic!

Caats, you're right it was a different kind of beast altogether! The viral campaign + Ledger's death created a buzz that was almost impossible to ignore! In my opinion if Indy V is to top KOTCS, a viral campaign or at least better marketing will be a big step in the right direction!
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