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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
What do you love about Young Indy?
Déjà vu, dude! Remember your other thread?

The Young Indy Love Thread
Originally Posted by mrman7
I remember my mom taping the episodes while I was at school...
Where were you living at the time? In North America, they aired in the PM*. Do you actually remember your mom recording the show during the morning/afternoon? (Not hassling you to be a jerk but genuinely curious as a Young Indy fan). Maybe it was past bedtime or something, instead? Ha-ha.

*"Phantom Train" was one exception. That popped up by complete surprise late afternoon on a Saturday!

What do I love about Young Indy? The stories, the ACTION, the drama, the MUSIC, the LOCATIONS, the COSTUMES, the EFFECTS, the subtle HUMOUR, the acting by all of the characters who are only in it for a minute or two & the intricate weaving of historical events. Young Indy has it all.

Since I recorded every episode on VHS, I'm probably one of the few people who enjoyed the way the series was presented in a scattered order. That format made a nice puzzle to put together when watching ALL of them in order later in the mid-to-late '90s (before the "Adventures of" repackaging).
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