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I love the show now but at the time the show was on TV I was not a huge fan. I had just graduated from high school and was working full time and was extremely excited to see this show but when I watched, I think the first episode Curse of the Jackal, I did not care for Corey Carrier but did enjoy the 1916 second half with Flannery and Pancho Villa (the 1916 Villa episode is still my favorite to this day) but I really wanted/expected a Fordesque young Indy and that was not going to be the case. Continuity is an issue I have with Lucas and he is horrible with it, he almost treats every project (even if it's part of a series) like it's a stand alone. That being said, now as years have passed by, I love this series because it was way ahead of it's time both in scope and production. Yes, I am more of a older young Indy (Flannery whom I loved as young Indy) but I am more tolerant of the Carrier Indy as well. The show was, and is even today, a master piece.. what Lucas and Lucasfilm was doing with this show was way beyond anything that was being done and the quality of scripts, production, directing, etc. was beyond as well. When I watch the show now, I'm striving to get the original episodes as broadcast even now (Stoo), even with the re editing Lucas did in the late 90's it's still exceptional !!! A breath of fresh air !! When I watch these episodes I forget all the crap that's going on today and really appreciate the outlook and positivity the production puts forth. This is MHO, what do you guys think of the series ??
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