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Additional uses for Hasbro IJ Artifact Crate

Major bump on this thread, since I see it has not been revisited since 2008, but I had some down time to hit some rabbit trails!

Here's another great use for them that I recommend:
Upon release of KOTCS to DVD/Blu-Ray, I threw an Indiana Jones Release Party Double Feature Bash!! And as a bonus, I gave out Indiana Jones merchandise prizes at the end of each movie!!

The way it worked is everyone who attended got to draw one of these fine crates from a bowl, with each crate having the artifact inside and a slip of paper, with a number on it. At the end of each movie I drew numbers from a bowl, and (of course) whoever had the corresponding number got to take home some dope Indy swag!! My Friends Loved It!!!

Try it with your next Indy Bash.
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