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Originally Posted by DiscoLad
All I meant was it looks exactly like Mafia II, which was one of the worst playing games I've touched. It was clunky, very true.

Had you referenced this, this, or even this you might have garnered more credibility. Otherwise, you'll need to learn that vague, surface similarities do not a valid comparison make.

That said, I'm glad they redid the logo. There was something about the previous incarnation that didn't sit well with me. I kept imagining the logo from a car; which one, I can't quite put my figure on. Perhaps the Chevy Bel Air?

I had the same initial reaction as Atilla. Yes, it looks cool, but I'll want to know more before I decide to get it. In fact, if it weren't for the investigative aspect of the game, I wouldn't bother picking it up.

Originally Posted by Atilla the Professor
If this is true, sounds like there might actually be something to the detective work here.

I'm wondering if you'll be able to muff a case.
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