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Originally Posted by DiscoLad
Thought about this thread the other day when I opened my Xbox monthly and saw a screenshot of this game of a guy getting arrested, he looked like my boss...

I suppose I'll rent this... We will see.

EDIT: Silly me, I meant to post this in the L.A. Noire thread...
How did I manage to get here? ... 0_o

Believe me, I'm as curious as anyone why this originally showed up in the "True Grit 2010" thread. Been taking drunk posting lessons from 'hachi?

Anyhow, a rental is fair enough. if you're not sure if you'd be into the game. I feel like the big open question will be how much of the conspicuous mayhem of other Rockstar Games will even be an option, considering the world that L.A. Noire exists in. I imagine that will prove interesting in a number of respects.
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