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Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life

I just got done watching Oganga the giver and taker of life and all I can say is wow this series has been great experiance so far my Dad has been watching the series with me since the Travels with Father episode and he enjoys them just as much as I do and he is not really a fan of the Indy movies. I have to say though I like this series just as much as the films it is perfect series every episode is better than the last and I hope the rest of the episodes are just as great. Just thought I would share my opinions.

The thing I love most about the Young Indy series is after each episode you feel a little better about yourself and walk away having a different outlook on life. The films were great but you did not walk away wanting to better yourself by viewing them. This is a great series I wish it wasn't cancelled
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