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Question Can You Hear the Guns, Fernando?

We have these 2 threads:
Ep. 5: German East Africa, December 1916
Ep. 6: Congo, January 1917

...but I’m posting here because this involves both chapters.

Who else noticed that the 2 guns carried on Indy’s return trip were only a fraction of what was meant to be brought back?

Colonel Mathieu talks about getting a consignment of:
2 dozen Vickers machine guns
4 mortars
2 light British howitzers

However, the only pieces that Indy & Co. have onboard are:
1 Vickers machine gun
1 light cannon (a 12 pounder or less)

No howitzers, no mortars and 23 machines guns short. What happened to the other pieces? Were they reassigned by the French because the Belgians arrived too late?
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