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It's been a while since I posted here. After being throughly disappointed with the way that Disney handled The Force Awakens, it's good to see that at least they had the decency to bring back both Ford and Spielberg, rather than just simply rebooting the franchise. Nevertheless, I am worried about the fact that George Lucas seemingly has no involvement with this. Because unlike the rest of the world, I believe him to be a great filmmaker and loved Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just as much as the original trilogy. For me, what makes the franchise so captivating is the nostalgia that fuel both Lucas and Spielberg for the films and entertainment of their youth. The series is not merely escapism but is also an homage to escapism. It pained me terribly to see just how criminally misunderstood Crystal Skull was, and how filmgoers chose to ignore the homage to 50's b movies and instead chose to focus on minor flaws and exaggerate the amount of cgi the filmmakers employed. Just as they chose to ignore the themes of political corruption, mythological elements, and the tragic backstory of the Star wars prequels. Well, I trust Spielberg but I don't know if I can trust Disney to not meddle in the production for the sake of pleasing disappointed fans. But then again, maybe that's what the fans desire. When George Lucas attempted to create something original with the prequels, he was brutally criticized. When JJ Abrahms copied A New Hope, he became the critics' darling. Honestly, I'm really beginning to feel really alienated from modern day filmgoers, and I truly hope that this upcoming Indy film won't exasperate those feelings.
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