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Indy 5!
I must admit my first reaction was to be cautiously optimistic; I was very excited for Crystal Skull, but then a bit disappointed when I first saw it, ( I must point out that my issues with KOCS have nothing to do with Ford, his age or his performance, my issues with it lie elsewhere. But it's grown on me since then. It has its place and I'm very fond of it,) I was completely stoked for Force Awakens, then felt...and still feel...let down by it for reasons I won't go into here. I do think though that Harrison was without doubt the best thing in TFA and it proved for me that he is still leading-man material. But then I felt that when I saw Age Of Adeline.
However, he will be in his mid 70's so I must admit to a twinge of concern and I promised myself I'd remain cautiously optimistic....
But that was yesterday. I've woken up this morning, read just some of the excited and enthusiastic posts on this forum and I find myself utterly and unreservedly swept along with that excitement and enthusiasm. Yup, it's gonna be a long 3 years. But if the build up to TFA was anything to go by, it'll be 3 years of re-invigorated interest in all things Indy, 3 years of anticipation and speculation among the fans, the drip feed of titbits of information around the production, the first production stills, the first teaser, the first trailer, the undoubtedly huge amount of merchandise ( as a collector I'm looking forward to that massively!) and of course the release of the film itself. It should also lead to a whole new generation of fans. How great is that. I have a six year old nephew, loves Star Wars, but he's never seen an Indy film, (his mum feels he's too young,) so by the time Indy 5 is in cinemas he'll be the age I was when Raiders was released. Imagine how great that'll be for him; to see Indy for the first time then to go back and discover Raiders, Temple and Crusade, and even Crystal Skull.
So yes, it will be a long 3 years of build up, speculation and excitement. And we, as fans, should enjoy every moment of it.
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