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The idea of Indy AND Marcus switching to Barnett College... and than Indy AND Marcus (*LOL*) switching back to Marshall College is Expanded Univierse-BS! Nothing more...

"The complete making of Indiana Jones"-Book page 216:

About "Crusade"

'At the Royal Masonic School at Rickmansworth, as he had on "Raiders", Spielberg shot interiors and exteriors for Indy's College'

*LOL* If this should be another college - he would shot this scenes not in the same place...

Robers Watts saying in the making of DVD "We came back to a location used in Raiders...

As you know I know 99,99 percent of all Interviews about the "Indiana Jones"-Movies. I've never heard some of the makers saying: "Yes, Indy and Marcus switched the Colleges!" *LOL* "Yes, in 'Crusade' it's not the same College like in 'Raiders'!" *LOL*

NOW is the end of the discussion! There is only ONE College in the movies.
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