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GREAT NEWS, Sabbie! I had heard that Ridley Scott wanted to make a film about Gertie with Naomi Watts but this news about Herzog doing one is even better!

Looking forward to this and anticipate the portrayals of T.E. Lawrence and (hopefully) Winston Churchill.

Gertrude Bell was a true adventurer, at a time when her escapades were abnormal for women. Before her Middle Eastern adventures, she made some signficant climbs in the Alps, taking routes and reaching peaks that nobody else had conquered until that time (c.1900). There is even a mountain peak named after her; the Gertrudspitze. It's in the region east of Lauterbrunnen (where the OHMSS James Bond mountain is) and south of Meiringen (where the Sherlock Holmes museum is). By complete coincidence, I was thinking about Gertrude recently because I was on top of an Alp in that area (Schilthorn again) just 4 days ago!

Indiana Jones connection: Indy met Gertrude Bell in the episode, "Paris, May 1919 / Winds of Change".

Tonight, I will re-watch the superb tele-film, "A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia", because she is in that, too.
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