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I never know what to think about this guy. Personally, a lot of the stuff he seems to do, is really all for personal glory.

It is quite debateable as to whether he has found anything huge a find and worthy of the text books. I think he knows that too.

One thing that I will give Hawass credit for, is creating current attention to Egypt and to it's findings. If it weren't Hawass, we wouldn't hear anything about Ancient Egypt on current affairs programs. Every controversy that comes up, he's right there, in the middle of it all.

Ten or so years ago (when Egypt was only one of many ancient societies looking at), he was the co-host in the new version of the Chariots of the Gods documentary special (along with the guy who plays Al in Home Improvement). And even that Golden Mummies special, where nothing that exceptional, despite promises before every commercial break, was found.

He's a good showman. I can't judge his academic side, obviously because I'm not an archaeologist.
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