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Originally Posted by Stoo
Speaking of Hawaii...somewhere in the bar is a dinosaur tooth given to Jock by the "Jurassic Park"* character, John Hammond, for flying him to Hawaii.

*The Spielberg connection & the owning of ILM are the only excuses for this non-Disney nonsense.
Looking back through this thread I saw this and realized the "rest of the story" hadn't been told. I'm sure many hear have heard it but in case you haven't:

Everyone here (presumably) knows the story of how Fred Sorenson got the role as Jock Lindsey in Raiders. Fred would later fly Spielberg's team around Hawaii for Jurassic Park as well. The filming of Jurassic Park was interrupted by hurricane Inki. After it passed over Kaua'i a helicopter was sent out to pick up Spielberg and other cast members. Sorensen was the pilot of the helicopter.

So the tooth is a nod to "Jock" saving "Hammond".
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