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Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
Actually, Denholm Elliot made it pretty clear that he believed Marcus was written more as comic relief in order to cede ground to the Henry Sr. character, who was playing the mentor role in the context of that story.

That said, I believe the old Marcus is still very evident in the scene where he and Indy find Henry Sr.'s office ransacked. "I'll tell him we'll take two." He is then immediately a bumbling character in the next scene. Of course, Elliot is such a great actor it doesn't matter.

There has always been much discussion on how Marcus Brody changes between the two films. I always felt his character was the same as Raiders in the start of LC in New York and Venice. He is at home in the big city world of academia and curatorial work in museums. Once we see him again in Alexandretta his character changes. Of course by this point in the movie we have already met Henry Sr and the mentor/father figure aspect of Brody is no longer needed as Indy now has his actually dad along for the ride. While the story clearly dictated that his character change into comic relief for the later part of the movie, you could also say maybe that he is out of his element. He is not a field man and up to that point in the series we have never seen him in a rugged local where much of Indy's adventures take him. While you could say this goes against his line from Raiders about the fact that if he was younger he would have gone after the Ark himself, you could also say maybe he just realized he no longer has the stomach for that kind of adventure as he got older. This is clearly evident in the Hatay scenes in LC. Or your could also say that he was just embellishing himself and field work in more rugged/remote locals was never his strong suit. That is how I have always looked at it.
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