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Hi All

I'm a newbie here, and I've been reading your great board for the last week.

I went to see KOTCS on Thursday with my husband, and we both really enjoyed it. I loved it so much I'm going to watch it again tomorrow on my own and will most likely go again with my mum, who's a huge Indy fan from way back.

I've gotta say I agree with a lot of the arguments presented on this board as to the depth of the story etc, but I go to the movies and watch them at home for entertainment value, and this one certainly delivered that in spades. I loved the sword fight/truck chase part thru the forrest, I laughed myself silly in a couple of places and the romantic in me sighed at the end when he got hitched.

All in all it touched all the bases, and I was very pleased to see that Harrison Ford is still as gorgeous as ever in that hat and jacket, and that the past 20 years haven't impacted on him quite as badly as I thought they might.

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