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I could not say that I adored the movie in the first time I saw it, cause I had the sense I didn't catch everything about the story, I had to read the subtitles at the same time I'm looking at the it misses a little, and I had the sense of being in a roller coster, where the action was so fast that I was like slow down, please...LOL. But I enjoyed the whole ride a lot!!! I watched in huge screen for the first time too, but I noticed there is a lack of coulor, I watched again this weekend with smaller screen and digital one with better coulor image, and I let myself to relax and let it go cause I knew how the story would develop so I kept my eyes wide open to not miss details or catch the most I could, and I just LOVE the movie a lot...and yes I can't separate my emotinal moods I was so emotive of being watching for the first time a freaking Indy movie in the cinema, with a SOLD out room, it was a double pleasure, and a sold out room for a Harrison Ford movie, something never seen before with me attending at any of his movies since 1992. Cinemas were almost full but not sold out!
Indy added new traces of his personality this time that we don't see in the previous ones and that only turns his character more complete, more humain, more wise, more charming too. We cannot forget the other characters who just were fantastic as well to help to make a movie in which I have nothing but proud of loving it and no shame in admiting it.
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