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Seeing as this is the Indy 4 Lover's thread, that means I can wax rapturously about what I loved in this movie

Lets See

1. Harrison Ford, by geeze for a bloke who's nearly the same age as my dad,he's way hot still. (which is a bit scary when I think about it coz my dad is so not hot )

2. The humour. It's got some great one liners (as seen in another thread on here) and some visual gags that just make you want to giggle quietly to yourself (or is that just me? )

3. The chase/sword fight scene. I love it from start to finish. Even tho I knew 2nd time round that it all works out in the end, the bit along the top of the cliff makes me want to close my eyes, and the tension is great. The russian soldier voluntarily jumping off the back of the car always makes me laugh.

4. The wedding, I know, I'm a girl, we just love weddings, but if Indy has to get married at last, thank god it's not to Willie coz I just want to slap her. Marion is perfect for Indy and Mutt is everything you'd expect Indy's unknown son to be.

Okay, school time for the Kid, so I'd better stop waffling on, or I'll be here all day and thats not good.
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