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Originally Posted by Indy's brother
In both scenes, an object was about to be destroyed by one character, but the other character thinks they are about to get beaten.
Well, that's my mistake then. Quite recently, I bought the 30th Anniversary 2-DVD edition of "Jaws" and didn't notice the similarity. However, I'm not as familiar with Indy 4 as with the previous 3, therefore, didn't remember that Mac thought Indy was going to beat him with the stone. (See, I'll admit when I'm wrong but if Halloran had actually bothered writing something to go along with his screengrabs, I wouldn't have questioned it.)

So, yeah, nice one on Halloran's part.
Originally Posted by Indy's brother
Why are you such a dick?
Where did your love go, bro'?

Personally, I think that "Split Second" is the most excellent similarity so far.
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