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Even though you can find all the pertinent details on their website, Men's Journal has put together a good article on how one can seek membership in The Explorers Club!

Dr. Jones was turned away for being a bum; will you make the cut?!

Though, if Jeff Bezos is a member (honorary or otherwise) maybe it's time Dr. Jones' application be reconsidered.

Originally Posted by Sam Donnenberg
Remember this isn’t about how many passport stamps you have. The website clearly states, "Travel without scientific purpose or objective, big game hunting, personal photography or similar pursuits do not represent sufficient qualifications." Don’t turn in a round up of your all-time favorite vacations. You want to show how you’ve given back to the scientific community as a result of your exploration of the world (or worlds beyond this one). But don't be discouraged if your explorations haven't exactly gone down in history. The membership committee wants to see that you scratched an exploratory itch, not that you necessarily uncovered a groundbreaking new revelation about the world.

Originally Posted by Sam Donnenberg
“It's a fine line often between adventurism and exploration," said Marc Bryan-Brown, explorer of the Siberian Arctic and the club’s Vice President for Membership, "All explorers are adventurers, but not all adventurers are explorers. You can climb Everest, or scuba dive with sharks, or hang out in New Guinea with a bunch of tribespeople and it's a lot of fun, but in and of itself that is not exploration."

Full Article: How to Become a Member of The Explorers Club

Don't worry about where you're domiciled though! The Club has chapters across the globe!

If you're in or around Northern California, the chapter has their own site where you can check out local events here; otherwise, stop by here for Stateside chapters and here for international chapters.
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