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Can we get Indy around the globe ?

Ok, so I'm proposing a little bit of fun. Indiana Jones is well-known for his globe-trotting adventures. What I'm wondering is: can we make his Hasbro incarnation as well-travelled ?

I'm looking for some forum members in diverse locations to sign-up and essentially mail a Hasbro Indy figure around the world, taking pictures of him in their locale and passing him on to the next person in the list. I'd post the pictures in this thread and plot his progress, Indy-style, on a map. All it'd cost you is the minimal price of postage (loose, he'd probably class as a letter). I'd be first on the list and would provide the figure - perhaps I'll even throw in a "passport" for each of us to sign and then raffle him off at the end.

Like I said, just a bit of silly fun. But hey - it might make us a bit more "connected", eh ?

Chip in on this thread if you are interested.
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