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Originally Posted by inky_skin
Sadly, I don't think is going to be organised in time for your Malta trip.
Darn. Leaving in a week from today, next Wednesday on the 12th (in the PM). If you could get him to me by then, I'd keep him for another week or two. Would need some time to get out to Interlaken or somewhere else during the day. (If that doesn't fit the schedule I could always take a picture of him here with the Alps off in the distance.) In any case, fit me in wherever you see best.

Inky, the figure looks amazing, by the way! Of course it is. You did it.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
I'm in New Jersey...I might be able to get him in Princeton, I KNOW I could do it if I get him by July.

I'm in New York quite a bit these days as well.

Indy is a baseball fan I could also get him catching a Newark Bears game, which he may have attened.
I was actually going to suggest you for Princeton. That'll be a good one. We need him in Chicago, too!
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