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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
That guy sounds like a jerk.
A total schmuck! On 2 separate occasions, I spent alcohol-filled nights with him in Oakland at 2 'exotic atmosphere' bars and, yes, the guy is a bona-fide douchebag.
Originally Posted by Drones33
Great photo Stoo, love the pith helmet
Thanks, Drones. (Stay tuned to the "Indy Gear and Props" section for my latest pith helmet purchase.)

Correction: I'm back & forth between 2 homes. The Cairo trip wasn't my farthest because that was from my "new home" in Neuchâtel, Switzerland (and not my "real home" in Montreal, Canada) so my farthest actual travel distance is from Neuchâtel to San Francisco (which I've endured twice now)....13 hours by direct flight.

Without a doubt, others have experienced much farther distances (Oakland to India, Norway to Indonesia, etc.)

To some, San Francisco might be just another American city but it's truly exciting to visit with lots of interesting history and a vibrant example of East Meets West. Been there 3 times and want to go back again. I met up with fellow Ravenheads, one of them being the self-proclaimed "jerk" (who is not a jerk).
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