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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
I knew an arsehole who thought trekking through a montane rainforest at night during a torrential downpour was a good idea.
Just got your postcard today. Madagascar? VERY cool. Sounds like an amazing trip! Hope you had fun with the lemurs & leeches!

My recent journey to Thailand beats Cairo as farther but I didn't leave from my Montreal home so San Francisco wins by about 100 miles. (♫ "So long on the plane, it drove us insane." ♫)

8735 km / 5428 miles - Montreal to Cairo
9171 km / 5698 miles - Neuchâtel to Bangkok
9341 km / 5804 miles - Neuchâtel to San Francisco

Did a lot of Indy-ish things in Thailand (elephants, monkeys, ancient temples, bamboo raft, etc.) and will post some photos in the Thailand thread.
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