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Originally Posted by DeclaringTiger
It doesn't seem to be mentioned in this thread but one thing that I noticed was different when watching KotCS was how (and I don't mean this harshly) "forgettable" the soundtrack was compared to the other three films. Don't get me wrong, there are some good pieces of work invested within the movie, but they don't stand out and achieve what the other films did in my opinion.
I think a lot of that is also down to how iconic the original scores are and how long we've had to soak those in. The same was also levelled at The Force Awakens within hours of it opening, its way too early to make such judgements IMO. But with KOTCS going hand in hand is the fact we got a movie thats not as good as the other 3, so it instantly becomes less favourable overall. But I agree with a previous poster that the KOTCS score isn't IMO as bad as its sometimes painted to be.
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