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Originally Posted by dr.jones1986
I would imagine you had to make multiple connections each way just to get there from SF...

You'd be surprised. Very few airlines actually fly to Madagascar, and most of them offer multiple connections. I forget which airline it was, but one had stops in NYC, Germany, somewhere else then Addis Ababa and eventually Madagascar. As it stands, Turkish Airlines flies direct to Istanbul (not Constantinople) and then direct to Antananarivo. Each leg was about 12-hours.

If anybody is planning a trip to Africa, I would suggest that they seriously consider Turkish Airlines. They appear to hit every major African city and country by extension. Spend any amount of time in Ataturk International Airport and you'll get a chance to observe the length and breadth if the Muslim World.

The airport in Antananarivo is so small that there's no room to park the jets overnight. They disembark before returning to Mauritius and overnighting there.
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