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Issue #35

I know there were plans for one because I had a subscription to the comic. There was no mention of the series ending. About the time I should have received issue 35, a letter came in the mail wanting to know what comic I wanted to change my subscription to because the series had been cancelled. It's funny because if you scour issue 34 there is NO mention at all of the series ending. For several months afterward, the elusive issue number 35 showed up in the Mile High Comics adds in the back of various comic books. I ordered it, along with the scattered issues I had missed between buying off the comic rack at the local grocer and the subscription I had, but got a letter back saying out of stock. The funny thing is, I got the subscription somewhere around number 30, so I only got a few issues before it was cancelled. I can't describe to you my dissapointment, because even then I was a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. VCRs were fairly new technology, and my family couldn't afford one. I owned the videotape for raiders, but could not watch it because we didn't have a VCR to play it in.

I heard a black and white version from the artist made it around a few comic shows, but that might have been just rumors. Anyway, maybe Dark Horse will contact the writer/artist and see if anything remains (storyboards, outlines, etc) but I have a feeling it is truly lost, if it ever did exist.
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