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Originally Posted by Stoo
GREAT memory, twlightzone1205! Punisher5150, Jono11 & yourself were dead-on. Issue #35 was in the works! Here are 2 pertaining replies from "Readers of the Lost Ark", Issue #32 c.Nov 1985.

Dear Marvel,

I liked your bringing Short Round back into the picture. I think that he should appear more often. As for Marion, I feel that Indy should have a break from her and get into some real rough and tough adventures. Indy doesn't need Marion always looking down his shoulder.

Elaine McFarland
777 Keeling Rd.
North Pole, AK 99705

As you know by now, Elaine, Marion walked out on Indy in issue #25, and so far he's doing just fine without her.

Dear Indy People,

Back in issue #25, Marion left, and we haven't seen her since. Where did she go?

Maggie Probert
Sanger, CA 93657

This is just what we've been wondering, Maggie, and we'll all find out together in issue #35. Don't miss it!

So there we have it. Further evidence that a Marvel Indy, No. 35 was on the table!
But where did it go? Was it near completion? I know that a few years ago a Dracula comic adaptation was finally completed. It was done sparaticly in the 1970's but it was never finished, until a few years ago. The whole thing was made into a 4 issuse release and it was finished by the original artist & writer! Maybe they could release this 35th issue of Indy the same way!
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