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Originally Posted by Grizzlor
Am I crazy to say that I have little to no interest in a Boba Fett movie? Is Jeremy Bulloch still alive? He should do the voice not that prequel guy.
Hi, Grizzlor. Long time, no see! Personally, I'd like to see a Boba Fett movie but the whole Disney purchase still burns my britches.

Jeremy Bulloch is alive but he originally didn't do Boba's voice. It was done by some guy from Brooklyn, Jason Wingreen, who is now retired (and getting close to 100 years old).

In the late '90s, I went to a Star Wars convention and Jeremy Bulloch was onstage, occasionally imitating Boba's lines from the movie. I found it odd that the fans in the front rows, dressed up in costumes with toy lightsabers & whatnot, were cheering every time he spoke some dialogue. Why?
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Boba should've remained the Man With No Name Face.
Boba should've remained the Man With The Same Voice. What was the point of re-dubbing Fett's lines in "Empire" with a New Zealand accent when all of the stormtroopers kept their American accents? It would have made much more sense to just hire Americans to play Jango & Baby Boba in the first place!
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