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Originally Posted by eazybox
You have chosen wisely-- if it's anything like the HJ reboot that I have. I was late seeing your question about overseas shipping on another thread before that thread was closed. You should be perfectly fine, but just to inform you, sometimes there are Customs delays, and occasionally the hats get bumped around a little during the inspection. They can take it and will just pop right back into shape.

HJ had been shipping FedEx Overnight,but that promotion may now be over. There used to be a duty on overseas packages(between $25 and $35 in my case, I believe) that you would have to pay at the time of the item's delivery, but I haven't had to do that in years and I think the duties are now pre-figured into the shipping costs.

I hope this covers it and that you enjoy your new Poet.


Thanks for the info, I just hope nothing goes wrong or gets damaged.
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