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I noted the locations and methods of transportation in the McCoy books as I read them, because Indy seems to never stop moving. Spoilers, needless to say.

March 1933
Maya Mountains, British Honduras. Hike to San Pablo, Guatemala. Plane to Princeton, New Jersey. Train to New York City. Blimp, fighter plane to London, England. Garbage boat to the English Channel. Seaplane to Rome, Italy. Longboat to Northeast coast of Libya. Horse to Egyptian border and oasis Tomb of Hermes. Truck to Cairo Egypt. Plane to Rome, Italy. Plane to London, England. (Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone - B)

October - December 1933
Marseilles, France. Plane to Princeton, New Jersey. Car to New York City. Plane to Shanghai, China. Train to Kalgan/ Xanadu/ Changchiakou, China. Truck to Great Wall; Tuerin; Urga/ Ulan Bator; Tzen Khan's village; Flaming Cliffs. Hike to Lamastery; Happy Valley. Hike, Horse-drawn truck to Tzen Khan's village; Kalgan. Train to Shanghai, China. Plane to France. Salvage ship to sunken sub off Coast of Denmark. (Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - B)

February 1934
Princeton, New Jersey. Train to Oswego in S.E. Kansas. Train, bus to Pine Springs in the Guadalupe Mountains on the Texas/ New Mexico Border. Truck to El Paso, Texas. Plane to New Orleans, Louisiana. Plane to Long Island, New York; Reykjavik, Iceland; Ny Alesund, Spirzbergen Island. Plane to iceberg. Sled to boat. Boat through Edda Shaft to volcano. Boat, hike to Ultima Thule/ Agartha, 100 miles below the surface of the Earth. (?) to Ny Alesund, Spirzbergen Island. (Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth - B)

September 1934
Lintong village, China. Hike to Mount Hua, Shaanxi Province, China. Car to Luchow, China. Freighter, lifeboat, junk to Lazarus Island off China. Plane to Calcutta, India. Train to Indus River, Pakistan. Plane to Tigris River, Iraq. Motorcycle to Lalesh, Iraq. Motorcycle to Cairo, Egypt. Car to Giza, Egypt. Car to Cairo, Egypt. Plane to Princeton, New Jersey. Plane to British Honduras. Plane to Princeton, New Jersey. (Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx - B)
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