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Most recent of many times...

WASHINGTON Stephen Colbert mocked big banks in his Comedy Central show on Feb. 14, raising concerns about why institutions are still "too big to fail," and suggesting that viewing Wells Fargo's balance sheet could melt a person's face.

As he often does, Colbert pretended to like big banks, saying that liberals should let go of their anger stemming from the financial crisis.

"At this point, who can even remember who wired the global financial system to a roulette wheel jacked up on enough cocaine to bring down a bison?" Colbert asked.

He then suggested the government shouldn't prosecute financial institutions for their role in the crisis, saying that he believed "an investigation will just make things worse."

"I don't think the banks are in any financial position to reveal what kind of financial position they're in," Colbert said. "Take Wells Fargo. Their recent annual report said the bank's value is partly based on 'significant assumptions not observable in the market.'

"That means the value of the largest capitalized bank in the United States defies observation. The human mind cannot perceive it; we dare not look upon it. Remember what happened to the accountants who opened Lehman Brothers' books."

The latter comment was followed up with a video of the ending of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in which a Nazi's face melts after opening the Ark of the Covenant.
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