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Originally Posted by replican't
The point here is that Indiana Jones was in some ways one the first ACTION blockbuster hero of the modern age. Got that? Action. You know - the running jumping falling over stuff that Ford keeps going on about. The stuff that starts to look increasingly bizarre when performed by older people.

As for KOCs having a redeeming factor in Harrison Ford, well I should bloody well hope so, since he was the, um, lead actor and the title of the film was all about him and they paid him more money to do it than any of us will see in a lifetime. The argument though is to what extent he 'redeemed' the film. From my perspective, pointing out that Harrison Ford was the best thing in it would be like saying that at least the sun was shining during that train crash.

Look - it was ridiculous having him wearing the same outfit at 65 that he was wearing at 40. That right there was the trap they set for themselves as film makers - how do you give the audience what they've already had and pass it off as new? Nostalgia seemed to be the only driving force behind the argument for an Indy 4, and when they drew back the curtain, there he stood - the old superhero in his cape and costume. Naff to the extreme and just pathetic.


Utterly risible and misjudged.

How could an Indy 5 be any different and still be Indy 5? The chinese finger trap again.

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