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Originally Posted by Dr.Sartorius
It doesn't matter where it takes place. I'm talking about sidekicks, villains, etc. They've all been played by white actors since LC.

It matters a bit. I'd hate to see an adventure set in, say, sub-Saharan Africa, without any black actors in major roles.


I'll put forth my opposition to Dalton now; he's a great actor, but they've done their Bond casting already, and I don't see any reason for more of it.

As for Isaac, Hardy, Cumberbatch, and Fassbender, they strike me as being perhaps too much wattage for a supporting role. Blanchett and Connery are the exceptions to the rule here. As for Simon Pegg, he's already in both of Abrams's Star... series, plus Mission Impossible. Be nice to get some fresh blood in here that hasn't already played a role in some gigantic Hollywood project, and retain a little bit of dustiness around the enterprise.
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