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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
It's difficult only if that's all you're looking at.

But my secondary point is that all of those guys you mentioned, triple-series Pegg aside, are leads. They're serious actors, but they're very familiar faces, which is not this series's MO.

Television. Indies. Non-American film. Theater. I think those avenues offer a lot more potential. They're also, not incidentally, where a number of the folks you mentioned achieved their good names.

I don't disagree. Like you said though KOTCS kind of approached the casting differently. Everyone in the cast was a recognizable face. If that is the same approach we are taking for Indy 5, I would prefer that they fill the roles with guys that can actually act - like my suggestions. I don't quite consider any of them leads, except for Tom Hardy. I forgot about Mad Max when I suggested him (probably because I am in the minority of people who thought that movie was pure garbage) - but remembering that, I withdraw his name from the suggestions. Oscar Isaac is only a leading man in small films and is just now taking on the supporting roles in big franchises (barely recognizable in X-Men: Apocalypse I will add). Cumberbatch and Fassbender don't really carry movies on their own either, but yes they have become very recognizable. I suggest them though because they can really pull off the villain thing convincingly. Simon Pegg is suggested because he sort of gives off that Marcus Brody-type vibe. By the way, even though he was in The Force Awakens, if they had not told anyone it was him, no one would have known.

Either way, I agree that you don't want an A-list star-studded cast, but a recognizable face here and there mixed with some unknowns/newcomers is not a bad thing.
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