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Richard Young (Fedora)

Hello all, it has been a while since i posted but I thought I would share a brief update on Richard Young (Fedora from Last Crusade). I love collecting autographs, especially those from the Indy films so Mr. Young had been on my want list for a long time. He played one of my favorite characters from the original trilogy so I had long wondered what happened to him after Crusade. I recently tracked him down and he most graciously signed a few items for me and gave me this update.

I took a break from on camera work to pursue other interests I had in this life. I wasn't very interested in some of the roles offered me after INDY III so I decided
to leave the business with a role people will remember me fondly by. I did do some theater in Vienna and starred in a large scale movie that was filmed in
Europe. The film was based upon the S.A.S. series of books that are popular in Europe but was never released in the states. I started in the business
as a cameraman so I went back behind the camera and worked on some documentaries which landed me in the middle of BOSNA during the war there in
the mid nineties. I have since worked as a photojournalist and a writer. I would like to do a few more film roles as an actor but good material is hard to come by. I am currently developing a story and a character I would like to play. Who knows, I might return yet!

I know it's not much but I thought some fellow Indy fans might appreciate it.
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