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Talbot Mundy's "Jimgrim" stories may well appeal to fans of "Indiana Jones". Set mainly in the east and written and set in about the 1920's they are about an American , James Schuyler Grimm (known as Jimgrim) who works for the British in the area, encountering intrigue, action and occasionally mysticism. For those who have tried the "Cairo Jim" books I would recommend trying Lloyd Alexander's "Vesper Holly" novels. Written for teenagers, they trace the adventures of a resourcefull and adventurous girl and her long suffering guardian in the 1870's. Very much in the "Indiana Jones" style,except that Vesper rarely uses violence, preferring to think her way out of situations. Heck the blurb even compares Vesper to Indy ("Look out Indiana Jones, here comes Vesper Holly"). The comparison is rather unfair in my opinion , as the only thing that Vesper and Indy share seems to be a love of adventure (and an ability to get into trouble!)
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