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rMore modern in setting of course (more akin to Cussler) you have Australian author Matthew Reilly and also writers such as David Gibbins, Steve Berry and James Rollins . Unfortunately I haven't got around to reading any Berry or Rollins yet (and only the first Gibbins, "Atlantis") but the style is akin to Cussler and/or "Indiana Jones", at least if one is to judge by the blurbs ! As mentioned Jules Verne is worth checking out; not only his classic works such as "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea", but some of his other adventure stories like "The Mighty Orinoco". Edgar Rice Burroughs is another who is worth investigating; everyone knows "Tarzan" but his other books such as the "Pellucidar", "Caprona" and "Caspack" (spelling ?) series and his less fantastic works like "The Mad King" and "The Mucker" ! Then of course there is Robert E Howard. Again, everyone probably first thinks of "Conan", but Howard wrote plenty of adventure, pirate, horror and other stories featuring characters like "Black Terence Vulmea","Sailor Steve Costigan" and "Breakenridge Elkins".
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