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Excuse me...

...while I resurrect this thread.

To the admirable list of books and authors already mentioned, allow me to add The Chinese Bandit by Stephen Becker. For that matter, any book by Stephen Becker is worth reading for some real adventure stories. For a couple of other options, check out:

- Instruments of Darkness by Robert Wilson;
- Horn of Africa by Phillip Caputo;
- The Fu Manchu Stories by Sax Rohmer (collected in omnibus editions a few years ago);
- Deadly Safari by Karin McQuillin.

And while not adventure stories, for exquisite local detail, read the Inspector Çetin Ikmen novels by Barbra Nadel, the Commissario Guido Brunetti tales by Donna Leon, and the Aimee Leduc Investigations by Cara Black.

All good reads.
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